Leapfrog for Learning

by Jeanine - Mommy Entourage


Real Mom Radio was given the opportunity to interview child development expert Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos and get her professional opinion on what are the most important factors are in choosing toys for your children and grandchildren.  Dr. LeVos offers advice on the most important factors in choosing toys and also how LeapFrog toys are not only fun and engaging, but packed in nutrition for your childs' development.

The LeapFrog products cover reading, spelling, and science, as well as different play patterns.  The toys are able to grow with your child as well as being adaptable for your childs level of comprehension and ability.  For children with developmental delays or those more advanced than their peers in a subject matter, the LeapFrog toys make perfect gifts as they can be leveled down or tailored up to make your child feel confident and assured as they play and learn.  It is important for every child to feel confident while they play and as a parent, we love when our children are learning and expanding their minds at the same time.

Take a look at this video to hear all the insights and recommendations from Dr. LeVos!  It's a must-see for parents and grandparents especially with the holiday gift giving season approaching!