GERMANTOWN, PA - - If you cannot make it to Vienna, Cunningham Piano Company will bring Vienna to you. On November 16, 2012 they will host a free and open to the public event, a chance to hear members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and to view and hear some of the rarest and most expensive pianos every made – Bosendorfer of Vienna. Cunningham Pianos will host Simon Oss, Director at Bösendorfer, for an evening of jazz and classical music that revolve around this jewel of Europe and it’s city of birth, Vienna. Philadelphia Orchestra members Kimberly Fisher principal 2nd violin and John Koen assistant principal cello will perform.

The event will feature an open house meet and greet from 1 to 5pm and a performance with limited seating beginning at 7pm. The event will showcase several of  Bosendorfer’s finest pianos including : The Louis xvi: The European transitional style between late Baroque and Classicism is called “Louis-seize” after Louis XVI of France. 

It will also feature The Chopin: To mark the 150th anniversary of Chopin’s death, Bosendorfer created an exclusive masterpiece using the superior technical workmanship for which Bösendorfer pianos are renowned. Many of the lovingly crafted carvings were inspired by pianos on which Chopin played during his tour of England and Scotland in 1848. These beautiful details reflect the care lavished by English piano builders on producing their works of art. The name board of this piano has a hand-engraved plaque in gold-plated solid silver, which features the composer’s signature.  Also on site will be the Strauss, a reproduction of the piano Johan Strauss ordered and owned from Bosendorfer. The Klimt model and The Vienna concert grand will also be presented. 

“Bosendorfer pianos are the finest pianos made. They start at $150,000 and go up from there said Cunningham Piano Company Co-Owner Rich Galessini. “The pianos we are showcasing will be for sale as well. From Franz Liszt to Leonard Bernstein, from Oscar Petersen to Sting and Lionel Ritchie, the Bösendorfer has been honored by the world’s finest musicians – by purchasing them for their own.

Bosendorfer pianos are owned by renowned musicians and celebrities alike including Tony Bennett, Tory Amos, Paul Anka, Peter Gabriel, Steve Jobs, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, André Previn, Frank Zappa, Vollenhoven, Natasa Veljkovic, Stefan Vladar, Ana Voileanu-Nicorara and many, many more.

According to Rich Galessini co owner of Cunningham Pianos, “Vienna and music are inseparable. Viennais inextricably linked with Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Arnold Schoenberg, to name just a few. World-famous concepts such as the Viennese waltz, the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Vienna Philharmonic epitomize Vienna’s image as the music capital of the world. Vienna is also the city where Ignaz Bösendorfer founded his company on 25 July 1828 after completing his apprenticeship as a piano builder. The company has always kept one thing close to its heart: the determination to build the best grand pianos in the world.

Galessini added, “Fewer than 400 Bösendorfer pianos are brought into the United States each year and it takes 62 weeks to build a Bösendorfer, with additional time spent on aging the materials before they are used in construction. Currently, Cunningham Piano Company is the exclusive dealer for this piano for the Mid Atlantic region, through Washington DC. Because of Cunningham Piano Company’s expertise, Bösendorfer (and others) turn to us when there is warranty work needed on their pianos in the USA. Because Bösendorfer is so concerned with how their instruments are presented, they occasionally send us a piano from another dealer who cannot fix an issue.”

Cunningham Piano Company is located at 5247 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia. For reservations to the upcoming event  email at For more information logo onto or call 215.438.3200