#ChevyGirls Chevy Breast Cancer Awareness

Most of you are well aware that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Bet you didn't know what Philly Chevy is up to, eh?

I love this.  Social Good is one of my passions & this falls right up there.

For every Facebook 'like' of the Philly Chevy Girls page, Chevy is donating a dollar to the American Cancer Center Making Strides for Breast Cancer campaign for each like up to $2000.

It's great because they are doing this for every major market in the country.  $2000 per market?  That TOTALLY adds up.  BUT, my personal allegiance is the Philly page cause I'm a Philly Chevy Girl ambassador.  =)

So head on over to www.facebook.com/PhillyChevyGirls and LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT & get talking so we can start saving lives!