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Hurricane Sandy

Yeah.  I know that if you're in the east coast area you're all over the hurricane we were hit with.

But as I peruse on facebook - I see so many people oblivous to what really is going on.

I knew once the storm passed the aerial views would be humbling of what kind of devastation there is.

As I sat in my cozy home, I was grateful for everything I have.  I found myself snuggling closer to my little boy as my husband and I patiently waited for the the winds of turmoil to hit our area.  

Ocean City Beach FunWe came out of the storm unscathed. We never lost our electricity....and barely had any flickers.  

 Many of you know about my absolute love of the Jersey Shore. 

It has been my saving grace upon moving to Philly.  Everytime I went there-my heart was filled with serenity.  I had a really rough couple of first years in Philly.  I hated this place quite frankly.

Ocean City, NJ BoardwalkBut that Jersey Shore gave me a new love for life here.  I got to spend a great deal of time there and shared it all here with you.  From my deep and sincere love of Cape May to fun getaways at Avalon Golden Inn to our last little summer sunaway at Ocean City where my little boy played like crazy on the boardwalk.  

Not to mention the many many trips to the shore that I shared over the years.  Our first beach experience with Boston in Ocean City and my 5th anniversary in Cape May.

5th Anniversary in Cape MayAfter this horrifying Mother Nature mess... I can't imagine not having that 'place' that I can get away to.  That peaceful place that millions of families all around the world visited with their families making memories.

Many people are asking me on facebook "What can we do to help?"

So, I've compiled some information on how you can get involved in the Philadelphia Region cleanup efforts for Hurricane Sandy.


Information provided by TimeDog.com:

NJ Office of Emergency: http://bit.ly/9YNFbj 

Mercury One: http://bit.ly/uksry8

AmeriCares: http://bit.ly/SazfDK

American Red Cross: http://rdcrss.org/N5tB2a

Feeding America: http://bit.ly/LjdY 

World Vision: http://bit.ly/2aMaRb 

Save the Children: http://bit.ly/b0JGLN 

Network for Good: http://bit.ly/4psG8e 

Additional Resources:

ASPCA, Salvation Army, Samaritan's Purse

PLEASE share this post.  There are so many people who can benefit from your social good!!  This is going to be a long, long road. 

Ending on a positive note... what are some of your favorite memories of the Jersey Shore?