Tiny Prints Holiday Cards


It's hard to think that the holidays are right around the corner, especially since we haven't even had Halloween yet!  But they are and if you are ANYTHING like my family you wait till the last minute...ahem...for EVERYTHING! lol

Last year we used Tiny Prints Holiday Cards and I can honestly tell you they were a HUGE hit!!!

Everyone commented on our cards.  

Holiday Cards are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.  I love seeing everyones families and hearing how their year was.  

YES.  I'm one of 'those' that LOVE the letters!!

This past holiday I opted to skip the letter and went for a foldable card.  I centered it around our family vacation last year in Boston.  Was such a fun little trip.

This year, I have to incorporate baby...so I'm not sure what to do now. lol.  

They have tons of GREAT promotions always going on too.

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We're doing Tiny Prints again this year-any suggestions?  =)