Yep.  You see that right.  We went to the doc on Friday for the anatomy scan and there was one little extra bodypart.  


I knew it all along.  Mainly because my sister has 3 boys and that's just the luck in our family. In a good way.  

But my husband was convinced that it was a girl.  He kept saying 'but this pregnancy is totally different' and I kept saying 'BECAUSE I'M SO MUCH SMARTER!!!!'.  I've done really well with the weight gain.  I'm not even 1/3 as emotional as I was the first time around.  And with facts, no pregnancy is ever the same. 

He was totally convinced.

Once I knew all the baby parts were there and that the baby was healthy from the scan...I felt a sense of sadness for my husband.  I knew that I wanted another little boy in my heart...but a part of me wanted him to have a little girl.  Mainly because I know of the love I have with my dad.  Something about girls and their dads.  

But for me?  I made out like a bandit.  Boys love their mamas.  My Boston just worships me.  He says the sweetest things in the world to me.  Everytime I'm wearing something other than yoga pants (lol) and even sometimes when I AM wearing yoga pants-the kid always lights up and says 'Mommy, you look beautiful today!' or 'Mommy that dress is beautiful on you.'  

I mean really???? The kid is FOUR!!!  I couldn't ask for a sweeter child.  He is so loving.  He crawls up in bed next to me and asks for cuddles.  Are all little boys like this with their mamas?  Cause if so-I want 10 of them!!!

To the Baby Boy in my Belly:


Dearest Boy X,

I'm not really sure what we are going to name you.  I know it has to be special, different and fun like your big brother, Boston.  I'm so excited to see you two play.  I know we have a couple years before you two chase each other outside...but I know you are going to just worship and adore your big brother.  And Boston is going to take you under his wing and be the best big brother EVER.  He loves you so much already.  Just so you know...every morning he kisses my belly and says 'Good morning in there!'  He knows all about you.  And between you and me baby brother.... when we asked him what he wanted he ALWAYS said a baby brother.  

You're going to have a life of love.  With so many people in this world vying to hold with you....give you kisses.  My hopes is that you might possibly have my blue eyes.  Although the odds are stacked against me...with your daddy and big brothers beautiful brown eyes, there is a glimmer of hope.  But the biggest hope of all little dude-is that you HAVE eyes...and you can see out of them.  

I pray every single day little dude, that all your parts are growing perfectly.  I pray that you come into this world easier than your big brother did.  I pray that as your life continues, you continue to have great health. 

And I also pray little dude.... that I start to 'like' sports.  =)  Cause with 3 boys & and male dog in the house?  Eh.  I'm gonna be outnumbered.  

Love you sweet boy.  Can't wait to kiss your precious cheeks.

Love, yo mama.