KING OF PRUSSIA, PA - -Who hasn’t dreamed about living the life of a rock star? The fabulous clothes, recording music…the parties.

Well, Adam Bailine, father of two, life-long musician and all around creative force, dreamed that dream and has made it a reality he can share with rock star wanna-be’s from tots to adults.

GROOVE, located at 380 Crooked Lane, Bldg F in King of Prussia, PA is a dream come true for Bailine who along with his wife and partner Helene, gets to combine his love for music and his desire to provide a fun, unique experience for kids and adults.

“I guess you could say that I’m passionate about music,” said Bailine who opened GROOVE  without a lot of fanfare  in November, but quickly got buzz like a wave at a rock concert, from parents looking to host parties for their kids or even themselves.

“GROOVE specializes in exclusive Rockstar Parties™ for both kids and adults. We also offer Hip Hop dance classes, musical theater and glee club classes, one-on-one music and vocal instruction, and even specialty summer camp programs” Bailine explained. All staff members and instructors are experts in their fields and work or perform in their field.

“Since we opened people who come into GROOVE say to me, you are really into this aren’t you and I say. Yeah, I mean who wouldn’t love going to work everyday and rockin’ out? It’s what I love to do,” he added.

The Lower Merion High School and Temple University Grad spent two decades working as a writer, Creative Director, jingle writer, photographer, and producer in advertising.  Bailine was also a professor of advertising for several years at Temple University and played a crucial role in helping build the new Department of Advertising at Temple University.

 “My heart and soul have always been in music. I’m a multi-instrumentalist; I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, harmonica and vocals, “he explained adding, “I’m a singer-songwriter, engineer, and producer. I have two bands: Ultrasonic Jones and The Fitch Brothers and I do an extensive amount of solo work, too. Music and video are my passion. I’m so lucky to be able to do this full time at GROOVE. I get to incorporate my background and expertise from a diverse career – as well as my love for music, video and production.”

GROOVE was two years on paper before it made its debut, “There is nothing like it, so there was nothing we could model it after,” he said adding, “We’ve hosted a few adult Rock star parties already, and they have been just as much fun as the Rockstar Parties for kids. We get calls every day from folks looking to book a party for a spouse that really wants to rock out…bachelorette parties, milestone parties for 30 year olds, 40 year olds, it makes no difference! And now, we’re taking GROOVE “on the move” because of the incredible amount of inquiries and bookings starting to happen where people want us to bring the Rockstar Party™ to their venue for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, private parties, etc.,” he said. “We’re even getting calls from summer camps and townships looking to bring GROOVE to their program offerings.”

Bailine stresses GROOVE is NOT a disc jockey group or simply an entertainment group. “This is a place where budding rock stars truly learn how to perform, make music, and even design their own disc artwork. At a Groove party attendees rock out to their favorite tunes, and our Hip Hop dancers are always on hand to make on-stage performances look coordinated. And, since all GROOVE Rockstars are videotaped performing, lip-synching and dancing on stage with mics and real instruments – everybody gets a DVD of the performances after the party. And, party guests can use our exclusive wardrobe as part of their onstage presence, which looks great on-stage as well as during their own Rockstar Photoshoot – which has become a huge success with parents,” he said.

“For the camera shy rock star there is the option to create their own song using a variety of professional studio beats, rhythms and loops by working together in groups with our expert producers and songwriters on high-end studio software. Then, we’ll work with them to write lyrics and then let them pop into our audio booth to lay down their vocals. Each guest goes home with a CD of their song, which is pretty cool.”

“Our Hip Hop Dance & Video party is perfect for kids of all ages, and lets party guests work on a professional routine with one of our Hip Hop dancers, then we videotape the performance while they’re all dressed up in our wardrobe – the kids love it,” he added. 

GROOVE Tot Rock parties are modeled after their successful Tot Rock class. The kids experience a variety of real instruments, learn about beats and rhythm, and then dress up and star in a music video. Each star and guest receives a DVD after the party of their performances.

For the youngest of young rock stars, Tot Rock is a unique music experience for kids ages 0-5. “It's our spin on a fun approach to enriching your child's life through singing, dancing, and playing a variety of different instruments,” he said adding, “It's a great way to help your child burn off some of that energy, while giving them a solid music foundation that can last a lifetime!”

It's a cappella singing at its best, with GROOVE's very own Glee Club – which is just one part of GROOVE’s Musical Theater program! “Our Glee Club let's kids ages 7-10 and 11-14 join in on the singing and dancing fun. Students will learn the fundamentals of harmony and simple choreographed moves while singing popular songs.  It's a great opportunity to enhance vocal skills, make friends, and get a basic understanding of musicianship,” Bailine said.

Groove also offers one-on-one music sessions in guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals. And, for those already in a band and tired of being thrown out of their bandmate's basement or sick of whiny neighbors complaining about the volume, GROOVE can help with our fully decked out rehearsal suites.

“Our rehearsal rooms are fully loaded and ready to accommodate your band's next practice. Rehearsal spaces are equipped with a PA system, mics, mic cables, and mic stands, amps for guitars, bass, and keyboards plus a Yamaha Stage Custom drum set. Just bring your instruments (and drummers will need to bring cymbals for ride and crash plus a hi-hat clutch). You can even rent guitars, keyboards, cymbals, or upgrade amps –and, if your drummer forgets to bring a hi-hat clutch, or if you need some guitar strings, drum sticks, etc, it can all be purchased right here at GROOVE. Hey, we totally understand the need to rehearse without a lot of hassle and heartache,” Bailine added.

And finally, there are GROOVE’s specialty summer camp programs. “After years of trying to figure out what to do with our own kids during those funky 1-2 weeks of ‘school’s out but camp hasn’t quite yet begun’, we came up with the idea of offering parents a safe, fun place for their kids to go each day of the work week,” said Bailine. “Our programs include GROOVE Broadcaster Camp, where kids learn how to anchor the news, be sportscasters, interview guests, plus all the production techniques that go into producing a TV show. We also offer a Singer/Songwriter workshop where kids can work with our professional producers and songwriters on their own songs during the week. There’s also our TV/Movie Star Camp where kids put their acting, directing and writing skills to the test in a series of skits and scenes. Our Rock Band camp is perfect for budding musicians looking for a real band experience. And of course we’ll have no shortage of Hip Hop and Variety Dance programs, too. We’re offering different programs each week of the summer, Monday through Friday.” 

Groove is located in King of Prussia by the intersection of Church Road and Crooked Lane – just minutes from 76, 476, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and of course, the King of Prussia Mall. Call: 484.231.1296 or visit