A Snow Day

Snow Days


I'm not really sure what it is about Saturday...but I seem to find the most philosophical side of myself that day of the week.

Today really was no exception.

Although, by the time I hit publish it will be Sunday.

I've kind of been in a holding pattern in life lately.

All good things.  

But all in a way of just not sure what to think.

What decisions to make.

Or even what to feel.

Today was a special day with my little dude.

We woke up with the goal of not leaving our jammies.

In reality....underneath that little dude and his handsome hat and coat is a superhero.

No kidding.  

A really good one at that.  

I think today he might have just been Superman. 

Or at least that was his jammies of choice.

My Little Snow AngelI'm not sure what it is with that little guy.  And I know I'm not playing favorites just because he's mine. =)

But there sure is something special about him.

I see it everywhere I go.  People stop and stare.  They smile.  He flashes a charming smile back at them.  Many times strikes up a conversation.  Just the other day he was with me at the grocery store and 4 little girls were giggling and ga-ga at him.

That's my boy.

I'm rounding up to a pretty big anniversary in my life.

Kind of a timestamp, if you will.

I'm almost officially in Philadelphia as long as I was in Chicago.  And March 3rd will be my 5 year wedding anniversary.  

It absolutely amazes me that we've been in Philly for nearly as long as I lived in Chicago.  And the two lives are so different!  I use to think about Chicago with a heavy heart and yearn for that person.  I'm happy to say that I don't feel that way anymore.  


This past year has been one of awakening for me.  On so many levels.

This Philly life has been struggle after struggle.  Tear after tear.  Just constant one step forward-12 steps back.

But once I got out of the darkness and walked toward the light.....(knock on wood lol) I can finally see the 12 steps forward.

Yeah.  There are those dark days once in awhile.  But in reality, who doesn't have them?  

They aren't exactly dark days anymore though.

They are just simple, snow days.  But thank God I have my little Snow Angel by my side.