Traditional Media

and Pinterest


My 'previous life' consisted of hosting radio shows all over the country the past 15 years from Kentucky to St. Louis, mornings in Chicago, stations in Philly and currently hosting Real Mom Radio on 95.7 BenFM

With that being said-I like to think I have the experience in traditional media. 

In 'this life' - I look at media completely different.  My business relies on all forms of it.

Therefore it's important for me to stay up on the trends.  What is fly by night and what is on the move.....

I've watched traditonal media blow off and seem to disregard the social phenomenon.  Till finally they had to play nicely in the sandbox.  And unfortunately they have and had a lot of catching up to do.  And even worse...I go to station websites all the time and see that they haven't even started.  EVEN ones in MAJOR markets like New York!! (SERIOUSLY.  Having less than 1,000 twitter followers in the #1 market in the country is NOT acceptable.)

But I digress.  

When the landscape changed I was one of the early talents that adopted the 'if you can't beat 'em - join 'em' mentality.  I was off-air because the economy tanked and those that were spending money on advertising moved it to these 'mom bloggers'.  So instead of cussing those ladies-I embraced them.  Made friends with them.  And played with them.

In turn...I'm really glad I did.

Cause now I'm on top of what traditional media is still learning.

In the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing some great information that can help in bringing the two amazing mediums in the world together.  

Starting with Traditional Media and Pinterest.


Pinterest is an outstanding site that has proved themselves and is now ranked in the Top 10 Social Networks beating out Google +!

Pinterest is jam packed with something for everyone.  The site is a big chunk of home decor, crafts, fashion & food.  Visitors are skewed female (58%) between the ages of 25 & 44 (59%).  So why on EARTH is traditional media not jumping on this one???

MAYBE because they just aren't sure how to incorporate it.

Let me help them out a bit.

First off - KUDOS to CBS in New York who has at least attempted it.  Totally on the right track there.

They only have about 23 followers but that's ok right now.  



*STATION EVENT PICTURES - These are a total no brainer.  Just like adding images to the facebook page-every event should have at least ONE image 'pinned' on Pinterest.

*NEWS STORIES - If your station has articles, celeb news, stories, even audio/video - you should TOTALLY pin the event!  It helps in SEO search too.  (Once again-that web address in the beginning is great for instant clicks)

*ADVERTISERS - YES!!  It's sell-able! Bottom line is to make revenue and spit out timely content, right?  

*STATION PROMOTIONS - Ok.  Are you giving away concert tickets?  Pin the banner!  How about a trip?  Pin a bunch of images from THAT LOCATION!  Get visual with your followers!

*INVITE YOUR AUDIENCE TO PARTICIPATE - Say your station sponsored a concert or had an event...your fans are loyal and love to share their experience!  Create a 'my favorite concert or artist' board and invite them play along!

*BONUS TIP;  BEHIND THE SCENES - I love this.  When you work in the place-you forget the cool factor of it..but everyone loves to see how a board in a studio looks or what a teleprompter says from the other side of the desk... take pics & PIN ON!


Do you pin?  What would YOU like to see from your favorite TV, Radio & Newspaper outlets on Pinterest?

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