10 Years Later 9/11

Each day I wake up and really try to choose the day and life I want to live.

For the past 3 years, I have to call myself out on that.  


And I honestly need a good slap across the head because of that attitude.

I went through a really bad depression that really set me back...oh...a good 10 years.

And this past year I've unraveled the reasons and got down deep to the core of what caused it.

Bottom line.  

Everyone has problems.

And as I continue to work my way out of the dark...I'm reminded of what the anniversary of this weekend is.

10 Year Ago.

It totally puts so much into perspective.

And since we've moved to the East Coast...I can without a doubt see even more how much that day affected our country.

I meet people every day in my life that knows someone who was involved in horrific day.

Since 9/11/2001, I've had my first experience in New York.  

It looks so big when you see it on television.

But when you're in Manhattan?  It is big.  But yet so small.

I have only been to NYC a handful of times since moving here.  And yet to see Ground Zero for myself.

I'm an iVoice with iVillage and they asked some of us to share our experience from that day.

I guess I have a slightly different perspective of what my life was like that day because I was IN the media. 

Where were you that day?

((To see the iVillage 'Remembering 9/11' section-check it out here.  It's amazing.))