10 Dos and Dont's

of Airplane Etiquette


Ya know.  I love to travel.  A lot.

Probably one of my most fave things to do.  

And with family that live in Chicago & St. Louis I really try and make it a point to focus on displaying GOOD airplane etiquette.

Not just for me.  But for my kiddo. 

Boston has been traveling since he was umm.. 6 weeks old.  (Yes. That's not a typo.)

My grandmother had passed away and I went to St. Louis to say goodbye. 

So... I loaded up an infant and took off.  

ALONE. No husband. No travel companion. 


I don't know.  My grandmother died?!?!?!

So.... this week when I saw the prompt from MamaKat (who I secretly stalk, like a wicked step-sister) saying name the 10 Dos & Dont's of Airplane Etiquette I knew I needed to play.


I can honestly say that I totally have great etiquette when flying.  I apologize for my child.  Keep track of his toys. Don't put the seat back.  And every point I make below.  (I even chew my husband out when he jams to his Mariah Carey on his ipod when traveling.  UGH.  TRUST me when I tell you it makes me nuts.)

10 Dont's of Airplane Etiquette:


1. DON'T wait to change your kids poopy diaper until you get on the airplane.  Those around you will NOT appreciate you.

2. If you're potty training DON'T forget to bring spare clothes.  Your kid might do what mine did.  Pee in their pants in the middle seat on a full plane because he was too scared to go to the potty because he didn't want to get sucked in when flushed.  AHEM.  They will NOT stop the plane so you can get into your luggage for dry clothes.

3.  DON'T be an ass when you see someone with a kid coming and put your carry on in the extra seats because you don't want to sit near a kid.  CHEATER.  

4. DO NOT bitch that kids and families get to get on before you.  We deserve it and should get our kids settled so that you can take a nap without the noise.

5. DO turn around and see if the person behind you doesn't have spider legs before you put your seat in their lap.

6. DON'T put your ipod on and crank it up to the top and think that you aren't annoying the hell out of people around you.  Cause we hear ya buddy.  LOUD and CLEAR.  

7.  If you see a woman traveling alone and struggling with a diaper bag DO offer to help her!  Especially if you're going through security.  I know you want to just get through it but I guarantee you'll get through MUCH faster if you help her out!  And you might just become a hero for a day.

8.  DON'T hog the armrest.  If all 3 seats are taken, the middle (wo)man gets both.  They are already in misery...give them a break.

9.  DON'T yank on the seat in front of you when getting up.  You WON'T like the look you get when you do it to me.

10. DON'T complain when a baby is crying.  SERIOUSLY, do you THINK we enjoy our child crying?!?!  Besides. You were a baby once too.  Waa.  Put on headphones and zone out.

EXTRA CREDIT (10 just isn't enough!!)

*DON'T try to run off the plane.  ROW by ROW!  Wait patiently for your turn.  

*DON'T try to read your neighbors laptop or work (LIKE RIGHT NOW TO MY LEFT...AHEM.)

Ok. Your turn.  Did I miss something?

I feel so cleansed, ya know.  

Mama’s Losin’ It