Udi's Gluten Free Foods


It's all the rage.

Rage against the white stuff.

Seriously though!!!  I remember about 5 years ago my brother in law mentioning that he was going gluten free.  I thought he was nuts meaning that he couldn't eat bread or anything of the sorts then!!!

And to be TOTALLY candid.  I thought he was full of it.  There's nothing wrong with him eating carbs!

Hello Stupid.

Yes..that's my name.  

So here we are...5 years later...and I find MYSELF shopping in the Gluten Free departments.

It really does make you feel better!

I wouldn't go as far to say that I have celiacs disease.  But us awesome Americans eat a LOT of crap.  (MYSELF included. AHEM.)

So finding COOKIES not filled with the poo at Blogher was my new obsession!!! Seriously.  

And the Cinnamon Rolls?!?!?! OMGosh. 

Philly peeps-Whole Foods, Trader Joes & Wegman lovers?!!?!?!?  HELLO UDI's.  =)

You can buy Udi's at your fave whole foods stores and online at www.UdisGlutenFree.com