Blogher 2011 Swag Recap

Yeah. I know.  I went to BlogHer a MONTH ago.  

Look. Just ask my husband.  And my friends. 

I'm LATE for everything.

AHEM.  I'm working on that challenge thank you.

Anyway.  After the wild weekend (who am I kidding.  I was gone for 6 days!!!) I've finally got my little Blogher butt moving and the goodies out of the bag and into my garage home.

And...well...If I'm going to be all out honest...some found themselves into my stomach and on my body, k?!?!?!  

I got some really awesome stuff.  Some junk. And well...somethings that made me blush.  

This isn't something I WANT to try out...but I love it.  It's called a Mother's Touch.  If you've ever had to take your child's temperature you know it can get ugly. AHEM. Pending where you take the temp.  This was in the MomSelect Swag Suite (personally, my fave swag finding place).  Retail is about $30.  

I also got some great things from Paper Coterie.  They even went to the trouble of making personalized journals for those coming to the party!  That's INSANE!  Their stuff is really adorable and they were beyond thoughtful to give what they gave to bloggers.

Another fun find was a $25 with  It's an AWESOME charitable organization that really works hard to 'give back.'

That's just a few...seriously though.  I had an ENTIRE extra bag I had to check.  Keep checking back cause I'm going to be giving away 90% of the goodies in there.  

But-check it out for yourself.  There are some super fab finds!