Friday Flashback


The weather is getting cooler.  

And that feeling of fall is starting to slip in.

I've been doing a lot of radio interviews lately.  

And some of the songs have really been tugging at my heart strings.

You know how music brings back memories of certain times and experiences in your life?

When I was on the air-I could tell you the artist and title of every song on the charts.  I could kick anyones butt at the 'Name that Tune' game.

I use to do all the cheesy daily features 'New Music Monday', TVTune Tuesday, Who Am I Wednesday, blah blah blah.

They were fun games.  

Did I ever think that years later those cheesy day features would be found on MOM BLOGS?!?!?!

No.  Not a clue.

So when I see "Fashion Friday", "Makeover Mondays" I can't help but chuckle.

It's like every mom blog has completely caught on and stolen all my show prep!!!

When I read a blog and they share something in their life that strikes a cord with their readers...I can't help but think.."Yep.  Another mom who took my job." lol. 

No.. it really is exciting to see how things have changed.

But today?  

Those fall blues are starting to surface too.

The 'oh...I miss those days' blues.

I'm missing being on the air everyday.

I miss interacting with listeners-playing back phone calls-talking about rediculous celebrity gossip-and sitting in a studio for 5 hours playing the hits.

I had sooo much fun.  I'd DANCE.  Give away SUPER awesome prizes.  DANCE.  

The landscape is just so different now than when I was on air full-time.

Quite frankly, there is NO ONE on air anymore.  On music stations.

I look at the landscape here in my own town....the station I host Real Mom Radio for doesn't have any on-air talent except for Marilyn Russell who does the morning show.  The rest is just automated.

Mix 106.1 has a morning show and the rest is... AUTOMATED.  (Yes, they have jocks on but their piped in-RECORDED from other markets like Detroit)

Q102 barely has ANYTHING live!! (Seacrest, Romeo, Elvis?  NYC & LA...sowwy)

But... I digress.

I guess it's just really the way of the radio world.  

But I'm allowed to have days when I miss being on air daily.

But then again.. I remind myself that if I was?

I couldn't have taken my boy to the doc yesterday and to Cracker Barrell for a special lunch.

Or I wouldn't be able to go to conferences and meet other women like me.

Or be able to take sporatic random trips to see family. lovely Friday Flashback?

I'm over it.  

Now off to take the dog for a walk before a call, appt and video shoot for the day.