Unplugged:  Family Game Night

One of the big goals I have is to STEP AWAY from the computer more often and do things as a family.  I can honestly say that we've been working harder towards it.  Fortunately, my son doesn't have any issues with turning off the computer cause he doesn't even know how to turn it on!  But my husband and I??!?!?!  YEAH.  Not so lucky.

Hasbro has started something that I really thing is AWESOME for families like mine trying to get away from the glowing computer screen.  

They have Family Game Night.  If you visit their site throughout the month of September they have coupons out the wazoo!  Nearly $100 off games.  These make awesome birthday and holiday gifts.  And they aren't crazy expensive either!

Hasbro is even getting in on the Recycle train with their own www.Recyclebank.com where you can trade in your old games for new ones!

On September 28th, it's National Family Game Night where families all over are doing just that.  UNPLUGGING it.  


Get in on the action!  


Family Game Night: www.facebook.com/familygamenight

Scrabble: www.facebook.com/officialscrabble

Monopoly: www.facebook.com/monopoly

Trivial Pursuit: www.facebook.com/trivialpursuit

Cranium: www.facebook.com/cranium


FamilyGameNight: www.twitter.com/familygamenight

Trivial Pursuit: www.twitter.com/trivialpursuit_

Cranium: www.twitter.com/playcranium

The next few weeks I'm going to share some fun finds that your families may enjoy to play together....

These are our most recent games:

Cars 2 Operation

Product Description:

Help your Mater “patient” get “all better!” Pick a card and then “operate” on that part of him to help him out. Remove the bad parts and you’ve done it! But if you touch the sides, his headlight will buzz and glow. Keep working on him until his as “healthy” as can be, then put the funatomy parts in the storage drawer to keep everything together. “Fix up” his “busted gear” and you win!

Includes gameboard with Mater “Patient” and tweezers, 22 game cards, 11 plastic funatomy parts, play money, storage drawer and instructions.

Requires 4 “AAA” batteries (not included). Adult assembly required.

For 1 or more players.

Ages 6 and up.


Cars 2 Sorry

Product Description:

Rev through Radiator Springs, tear through Toyko, power through Porta Corsa and let’r rip through London. Race around to collect tokens and try to be the first back. But watch out! Oil slicks, traffic cones and radiation zones make it a bumpy ride to victory. Put yourself into top gear and get moving!

Includes track pieces, barriers, 4 Cars 2 racers, assorted obstacles, lap counter tokens, Mater token, sticker sheet and game guide.

Adult assembly required.

For 2 to 4 players.

Ages 6 and up.