City of Hope Walk Philadelphia

I've been very blessed to have a platform for things in life that make a difference in other lives.

And I can honestly say that I use my privileges wisely.

This Sunday is no different.

While in Chicago I was a big supporter of City of Hope.  It was probably my #1 go to charity.  I loved what they did and I loved how they did it.

Philly is no different.

There are some seriously awesome people behind City of Hope in Philly.

You see....they way I look at can help Breast Cancer charities all over the world.  And you fly pink.  

Those are all awesome charities. But have you ever supported a charity devoted to ALL cancers to women?!?!

That's what City of Hope is all about.

City of Hope is recognized worldwide for its compassionate patient care, innovative science and translational research, which rapidly turns laboratory breakthroughs into promising new therapies. 

Please join me this Sunday as we Walk For Hope.