Blogher? I don't even KNOW her!

I'm not sure where to start with this.

As I lay here in my bed at 7am-the day I'm set to travel across the country to get back home with my little man...I'm just not sure.

Not sure about a lot of things.

I came to San Diego about a week ago.

For Blogher 2011.

And I can't even remember it!!!


I met so many people.  Went to so many things.  And yet my mind won't stop swirling.

I don't get overwhelmed often.  But right now?  Yeah.  I am.

From the bottom of my feet to the tickle in my fingers.

I'm spent.

It was a ton of fun.  But I honestly had nooooo idea how insane it really would be.

If this tells you in any way how spent I am...the conference was Friday & Saturday.  By 8p on Saturday night...I was in BED.  I was invited to a dinner but missed it.  I just couldn't go any more. 

I feel a lot of guilt.  And shame. 

Like I missed out on something.  Like I let someone down.  Like I embarrassed myself with wrong words.

Like I farted in bed and my roommate heard me.

But after spending time with some people that I've spent time with in this virtual space?

I feel content.

Because the sweetest words were said by them.

To me.

 I really showed my insecurities when I asked a question in a session.  But it was what helped me open my mind and heart.  Cause I tend to hide everything inside.  And keep to myself.  And it's not always good.  

But this time?  

It was great.

I'm at the airport.  In San Diego.  So ready to go home.  I can't wait to hold my little boy again.