Ohanarama for YOU Mama!

 I've had the pleasure to meet the mom behind this super awesome website, Jane Hoffer.  She's a great mompreneur in Philly!  She is the 'brain' that created Ohanarama.

Ohana WHAT?!?!?!  (I hear ya.)

So let me share it with you:


Ohanarama is great for military families & families who live in other areas of the country who want to connect with other family members; like grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

I like to think of it as 'facebook for families'.  


Ohanarama provides fun family games and activities. Everyone gets to make lasting family memories together in a safe online environment. Games that run on the site have an identified educational category and skill by grade, that conforms to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and National Council of Teachers of English standards.


Online! In the comforts of your home.  What's great about it, mom...YOU can be in control.  You'll know where and what your kids are into online anytime!


ANYTIME!  Yeah.  So since my family lives in another part of the country...this is a great resource to connect with them!  Kids love to play video games.  Why not let them play with Grandma AND learn?!?!?!

Awesome Jane HofferWHY:

It's SAFE.  We all know the horror stories of facebook and the other social outlets with predators and other awful situations....but with Ohanarama you don't have to worry about that!

Your kids can create their own avatars.  They win 'Neuros' which is used to buy some super awesome goodies!  ((Reminds me of how my husband is a SUCKER at Dave and Busters....I'm all about doing it online. lol))

Bottom line. NO. I'm NOT BEING PAID TO ENDORSE THEM.  I love the concept and what it can do to bring families from all over the country together. 

And....I love that it's created from a Philly mom....with family in mind.  

“The real differentiation is that we’re not a single game. We’re a platform for family bonding.” -Jane Hoffer