10 Goals for a Better Life


Ok. Well, I didn't lie when I said that I'm going to make goals to move forward positively in my life.

So...humor me, k?  =)

These are things that I'm lacking the most and I really want to make it better.


I'm tired of saying 'lose weight'.  I did lose weight.  30 pounds.  A year and a half ago.  And that fell out and hit the dirt.  Seriously.  And it's not just that I gained weight.  It's that I'm NOT healthy for my family.  And damnit I refuse to become one of those moms that can't sit in the floor and play with their kid comfortably or one who can't chase after them outside as they play.

2.  UNPLUG.  

Refer to #1.  I've got 'blogger butt'.  Not only is it affecting my butt.  But it's affecting my family time.  I've done much better over the summer.  But I also want to make more time for friends.  Step away from hard work I've put into Real Mom Media and reap the benefits a little bit.


I know.  TMI, right?  Well...he was a 'one shot deal' if you will and an attempt for the past 6 months hasn't worked.  Granted, a very mild attempt....doesn't always work like it did the first time.  OK.  NUFF said about that.  I'm blushing already.  But I will tell you that I now have a much greater respect for those that can't conceive.  I knew I was 'lucky' the first time.  But didn't realize how lucky.  I know.  It might not ever happen. But I have to make it a bigger priority before I can give up.


I am the WORST at creating family meals.  The WORST.  I know I can cook.  I just have to do it.  I hate the cleanup though.  And one thing that is hard is that when my husband walks in the door he wants to eat the house out.  And if I didn't have the time to do it before he got home all bets are off.  So I need to get him to help me with that.  I'll cook.  Have it ready when he gets home.  But he HAS to clean up.  We'll see how long that works with him helping clean up.  How moms work full-time, plan meals, buy ingredients AND feed their family?!?!?!?!  I. BOW. DOWN.


Heartbreakingly I haven't seen my best friend...geez...January it will be 2 years.  That is completely unacceptable.  That should NOT have happened.  She and I have been through so many things.  College. Husbands. Children.  When her husband suddenly died.  Depression.  Food issues.  All of it.  We have a connection that no one can take away.  Even when we don't talk....we pick up where we left off.  But the fact that we haven't made plans to actually see eachother is just wrong.  Totally wrong.  We haven't even seen our kids grow up.  What fun they'd have together.  Ugh. Makes me ill that I haven't seen her in that long.  I miss her so much.  She's so talented too.  I want to nurture our friendship to get her to do more too.  


I was so passionate about so many things before.  Fitness.  Photography.  Scrapbooking.  Radio/TV.  I love all those things.  I loved my career pre-baby.  So I want to find ways to incorporate those things before.  I loved scrapbooking.  It's sick how behind I am on that.  I loved to take pictures.  And now I don't hardly.  And believe it or not...before getting pregnant I loved to work out.  I felt amazing when I was fit.  Now I feel like a large tub of lard.


Yeah.  That isn't good right now.  Another reason why I'd love to be closer to family.  It's sooo hard to go out when you have to plan so hard.  He had tickets to see Train and I went to San Diego for a conference instead.  Trust me.  I feel super bad about that.  Then we could have went this past Friday but that pesky storm took over our lives.  I know that is why our marriage is suffering.  We just don't take the time to connect with each other.  Whether it's the phone, the computer, the kid, the job...they all pull us in directions that all pull us apart.  I miss him.  Really bad.  Maybe that's why I feel so lonely all the time.  


Oh dear heavens.  You so don't even wanna know how bad I am with that stuff!  Seriously.  I'm the WORLD'S worst.  I hate it to.  I'm tired of being an idiot with finances.  I'm a smart girl.  Why can't I just get it right? I'm a theatre major, that's why.  I had to take my math class 4 times before I finally passed it.  So there.  Ok...no more excuses.


Yeah.  Refer to #2.  That's a biggie.  I am glad that I've done it much more over the summer.  But I still need to improve.  I want to sign him up for a class or a sport.  Something that he and I can enjoy together.  He loved music class.  He's great at sports.  There's no excuse.  I'm doing it.


I know.  Sounds hokey.  But I need it.  For me to be together.  My brain has to be clear.  My heart has to be full.  And my soul has to be warm.  I need to meditate.  Read self-help books.  Learn to accept the things I can not change.  And really focus on the things I can.  And instead of talking about them.  DOING THEM.

Thanks.  I'm glad that I sat on my blogger butt and wrote these this morning.  Cause now, since my car is broke down and I can't take Boston to school till it gets fixed today...I'm going to take the dog out (which should be ANOTHER goal..poor Rocky.) and get outside and have some fun. 

What are your goals for the fall?  Would love to hear!