Ocean City BoardwalkHurricane Irene

As I sit here in the calm sweetness of my well lit, well stocked comfy house I feel bad and sad for those in the path of the storm.

I guess you could say I'm in the path.  

But in reality, we're just expecting a lot of rain.

I could be totally off.  It may even be more than a lot....

But then again, some of my favorite places in the world are at a zillion times more risk than I want to think of.

So many New Jersey counties have been evacuated.  And sadly so many of my Jersey Shoreblogging friends live there.  I can't help but hurt thinking about the things they worked so hard to create.  Homes, families, employers...

I even feel such a close connection to Curtis Bashaw and the unbelievable properties he has in Cape May & Atlantic City.  After spending an amazing weekend there in June and hearing the beautiful story of what his family has created, grown & maintained.  His gorgeous farm that I fell in love with during my visit.

Then of course my favorite 'Boardwalk Town', Ocean City.  What a bummer to think that the place is boarded up...and may not reopen for months....weeks..days.

But in reality?  

Hurricane Irene View From SpaceThose are just things.


They can be replaced.

I know it's easy for ME to say...

My fingers and heart are crossed that no one gets hurt.

Even with my inlaws in town and my husband home and the expected up to 12 inches of rain we are expected to get...I hope my husband doesn't get hurt! lol.  I mean...what if our electricity goes off and we have to entertain eachother?

Oh dear.  Now I'm worried no one in MY house gets hurt!!! hahaha

With all jokes aside...the media has done their part is scaring the daylights out of anyone living along the Eastern Sea Board.

So if you are reading this-and you live, or have family & friends who live in the path of the storm...

Virtual Hugs.