Jessica Alba in Spy Kids


One of the hottest movies of the summer hits theatres FRIDAY! (August 19th)

I've been super blessed with MANY opportunities to interview celebs while being on the radio.  I've had them in studio-on the hotline and even at my house!  (Long story-for another movie

I got the opportunity to be on a call with Jessica Alba (before she had baby #2 of course.)  This was the first time I was on a conference call with 5 or so other blogging moms.  

I wasn't too sure about it-since I knew it was with other bloggers....and not sure how the call would go.  But by the time I hung up I wanted to her more!!!

When you hear/meet a celeb, you honestly never know what you're going to get.  But just like anyone-everyone is entitled to a bad day.  (At least that's my mantra with celebs...and boy have I had some DOOZY stars with bad days!!!)

But surpisingly, Jessica was a total sweetheat! (I saw suprisingly because she was days from going into was NOT a sweetheart at that time! hahaha)

What I loved about Jessica was her 'mom-ness'.  You could tell that she really was just a regular mom, dealing with the same 'mom things'...

What I loved about our conversation with her was that she was honest.  One of the bloggers asked her how she lost the baby weight.  And she didnt sugar coat it with 'well-I nursed for a year' or 'oh ya know, took the baby on walks' kind of bologna.  She flat out said pretty much that she 'got her a$$ kicked from a trainer!'  She was honest.  Saying it wasn't fun.  But in her business-you have no choice.  Which is totally understandable.

Another random thing about the call that I noticed was when one of the bloggers asked a question - the moderator of the call cut her off saying the conference was over.  But Jessica said 'wait-many of them had their calls muted and took time to switch over'.  (Or something of that nature...) But what was said doesn't really matter than the fact that she could have been like 'ok-bye bye' but she truly wanted to give everyone a chance to talk to her. 

She is a big fan on moms being pampered before delivery.  And I AGREE!  (Heck, we should ALWAYS be pampered, right?!?!?!)

I honestly think she enjoyed talking about normal mom things.  

I've interviewed her before.  It was a while ago when Sin City came out and then again when Fantastic Four hit theatres.  (Yes.  She's as gorgeous in person as she is on tv.  Sickening.)

Oh yeah-why was I interviewing her?!?!?!

She's the star in Spy Kids:  All The Time In The World in 4D.

The new movie looks awesome.  It's in theatres tomorrow and is loaded with action.  I was always a fan of Jessica Alba maybe because she gets all the super hot chic fun action roles.  

She looks awesome.  Of course, right?  And she JUST had baby #2.

The movie looks fun & super entertaining..but I have to be honest about the movie website.  It's TOO HIGH TECH!  You have to wait for everything to load.  So be prepared if you hit it up.

In theatres this Friday; Spy Kids: All The Time In The World in 4D.


Check out the SUPER HOTT trailer: