Clementon Park & 95.7 Ben FM


Philly Social Media Moms ROCKED the park this week with myself and Ben FM!  It was a blast.

One of my most favorite things to do is hit up water & amusement parks.  But since my husband is NOT one for heights...I've really been on my own with that one.  And really with a 3 year's very hard to get involved in fun like that.  

But this week-I rode a rollercoaster all by myself!  That was awesome.

Needless to say my body ached for a good 3 days afterwards!!  Ugh.  The Hell Cat is great at Clementon Park...but it's also PAINFUL.  The beginning two drops ROCK.  But after that-prepare to feel like an old lady!!!  

I'm really a thrill seeker.  For both good and bad I guess. hahaha.  I still want to skydive someday.  Would have loved to have done it with my dad though.  (He was in the army as a paratrooper.  But now?  Not a spring chicken anymore. lol)

Anyway-Check out our fun!

Would you do the ring of fire?

You're NEVER to old to rock a rollercoaster!