Olympic ONE Paint

I can't even begin to tell you how I have the ugliest walls in the world.  I honestly freak at the thought of painting my house myself.  REALLY.  Just ask my mom what happened when I painted my bedroom as a kid!!! When I was young, I painted the walls with fun characters.  I collected Drama Masks so I painted masks on the walls.  Cute huh?  Um. Not until I got to high school and had to age with the room!  So my mom said I oould paint the walls.  Went to the hardwood store, bought a gallon of DARK colored paint.  Went home-didn't realize the need to put tarp down...long story short-TRIPPED on the OPEN gallon of paint and OVER it went ALL in the rug!!!!!  Yeah.  Wasn't a good day in the Fortman house that day.  
Anyway.  I was apart of a great Motherhood chat with the SMOKING HOTT father of 3, Eric Stromer from HGTV.  You know.  The hott guy who wears a yellow toolbelt?  Yeah.  That's him. ha
It was  a live video chat talking about Olympic ONE Paint.  I can honestly tell you that I feel a bit more comfortable about painting my own house.  Although, I still would love to hire a hott handyman like Eric to do the job!
I honestly feel more inspired to get the job done.  My bathroom has been on my mind for years and can totally tell how great it would feel to walk in with some 'color' in my life.

Olympic ONE Paint GREATNESS: 
  • Olympic ONE Interior Paint is engineered to offer the best in quality, durability, color and price.  It costs significantly less than the leading paint and primer products, but doesn’t compromise on performance or durability.
  • It will ultimately save you time and money – it’s a paint and primer in one, so you only need to buy one product, and it covers your walls in fewer coats, so you don’t need to use as much paint.
  • It repels tough household stains, including dirt, grease, ink and ketchup, to keep walls looking cleaner and newer longer.
  • It’s formulated to guard against the growth of mold and mildew on the paint, keeping rooms prone to humidity – such as the bathroom and kitchen – beautiful in appearance over time.
  • It can endure significantly more scrubs than the leading competitors, while also maintaining the appearance of the finish.

Olympic ONE is hosting an AWESOME contest too!!  It's through a facebook application: http://apps.facebook.com/simplydone

Here's how to enter:

  • To enter the contest, you can share a photo of your Olympic ONE paint project – the photo must include a can of Olympic ONE paint (bonus points for paint cans displayed in interesting or humorous ways).
  • Contest entries will be accepted between now and August 10, then 20 finalists will be selected, and there will be a voting period from August 15 to September 4.
  • The winner will be determined in part by a panel of judges, including celebrity DIY expert Eric Stromer, and partly through fan voting on the Facebook application.
  • The winner of the contest will be announced on September 6 and will receive a $10,000 grand prize.

Um. YES.  That' is a $10,000 GRAND PRIZE!!!!!

So get that DIY job done YOUR way.  The best way.  With Olympic ONE Paint.  Then win this contest and BUY new furniture to go along with it! lol

PS.  Eric Stromer is picking the winner.  Yummy.


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Disclosure:  This awesome post is sponsored by Olympic ONE Paint and the wonderful folks at The Motherhood.  But, the painting horror story really is my own.  GULP.