Mom to Mom - Potty Training



I desperately need your help in this one.  I mean, I know I've come to you before with issues.  But really.  REALLY. Really.  I need you.

I have been well....let's just say...putting off potting training for...oh... A YEAR!!!!!!!

I don't know why it scares me.  I mean after all, I did give birth to this fully loaded-super charged-explosive experience that I've been dealt with.  

That was pretty painful.

But what is more painful is the thought of havign to follow him around with a roll of paper towels every second of the day!!!!  

Yes.  This really is the end.  

The end of his innocence.

This week, we are in Boston on vacation.  (Yes.  I know.  How convenient.  Boston in Boston?!?!?!  Back off Barbie.  That's how we roll.)

My child (and husband for that matter) has been prepped on what is to come upon our return.  

I mean..why am I such a wimp about this?!?!?!  Seriously.  My life is going to be SOOO much easier when he poops on his own, right?!?!?!

It's just the process that stresses me out.


Potty Training.


Here are my plans (and please-by all means add your own advice on this one!):

--- Stocked with AMMO - (His teacher at school they kindly call the Potty Training _((bad word here))_ said that when the end of the world day comes to start training-diapers have to be GONE.  GULP.

**What better way to know if your kid is soaked?   Huggies Pull-Ups training pants with Boston's fave Disney Character is our test run before we head into the week of wetness.  I know when my kid has a wet diaper.  MOTHERLY INTUITION.  My husband?  Uh. Not so much.  The kid will wear a diaper for 12 hours before he even THINKS about it.  But.... I digress.

**MENTAL NOTE if you're married to a man like that:  CHECK out their section: Aligning with Your Partner on Potty Training Methods

-- Read 'Firemen Use the Potty' 348 times to Boston.

-- Watched 'Elmo Goes to the Potty' 123 times with Boston.

-- Read the 'Everybody Poops' book by Usbourne Books 1,325 times. (Seriously, the nastiest book I've EVER seen about potty training!  GROSS!!!)

-- Have seats and toilets in every level of the house.

-- 12 outfits are packed for Boston's 1st day at school working on the potty.

-- Scheduled to have Lightning McQueen call Boston wishing GREAT big boy success!  (Isn't that the COOLEST idea ever?  Couldn't have had more perfect timing either!!  We JUST saw Cars 2 over thew weekend.  LOVE it!  ((Want your little Cinderella or Lightning McQueen to get  a 'big kid' call?  Check out their FREE calls at! ((You can also schedule calls on their mobile site as well:

I hit up to find out more tips and even DR. PHIL has his own thoughts about potty training!!  Dr. Phil says "One of the key aspects of this potty training process is to use a doll that wets. Using an anatomically correct doll that wets helps you to demonstrate for the child how to go potty."

Yeah.  I'm NOT too sure about that one. 

So from one Mom to another ... be prepared.

That, I know, I am not.  


Pray for me.

xoxoxo - PS - Be sure to check back on Monday after Boston gets his call from Lightning on his first day of training! 


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