My Life is a Highway

The hottest kids movie of the summer...OUT!  

And yes-we hit it yesterday.

I was a bit skeptical after hearing there were a lot of guns & shooting involved. definitely wasn't a good start to the movie.  (Go ahead-call me a prude.  But I'll take it to the grave my stance on guns in kid movies...really.  TOTALLY not cool!!!)

ANYWAY.... back to my thoughts on the movie.  

Two words.


Really loved it.  =)  

Yes-it did have a lot of guns...and a bit of a dark plot.  But of course-my favorite character was really the star of the movie.  


Oh how I can relate to Mater.  He's country.  Got crooked teeth.  A bit rusty.  Not very smart.  People misunderstand him.


Instead...I think I married Lightning.  Mr. Optimism.  

Oh well.  Maybe Mater in my 2nd life. =)

There were so many instances that I got that warm feeling from watching it.  Makes me smile to see my little boy enjoy something so much. 

And that he did.

So much so..... I had to play the song from the first Cars Movie 4 times today...

Did you see the movie?  What did you think?