Beautiful Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse

dies at age 27.


I have a huge opinion on this.  And it's definite.  It really is.  That I am PASSIONATE about how I feel about addiction.

I searched for a 'pretty Amy Winehouse' picture.

And sadly, I didn't find ONE.  That's how sad media is.  And I'm ONE of them...But I also THRIVE on the truth that I'm not 'like the others'.

Amy Winehouse Photo Credit: Rex MediaI really don't know what it is with people.

Tabloids do it.  Newspapers do it.  TV stations do it.  And for crying out loud...MOM BLOGGERS DO IT. 

They take someone with talent.  And they do everything they can to bring that person down.  

It always breaks my heart when I see a magazine in the checkout lane with a once-super slim/gorgeous celeb with THE WORST picture possible of them.  Weight gain, bad lipo, ADDICTION.

Where is the heart in this world?  Where do people get off thinking they can schmere another human being through the dirt?

I hate it.  It sickens me.

Amy Winehouse 8 years old - Courtesy: Rex MediaI don't know Amy Winehouse from Adam. (Or Eve for that matter....)

But what I do know is that she was SICK.  Very sick.  

And people are evil.  I know.  Cause I got the wrath from it.  From MOM BLOGGERS at that.  Women...who I thought were 'friends'.  Women who I was excited to know.  Meet.  Be around. Who took it upon themselves to say NEGATIVE things about me...AND untrue.  (Yes..I'm still bothered by it.   But hey... it's not about that right now! hahaha)

What I'm talking about is the hurt I feel for people who are judged.

When in reality?  Who are YOU to judge?  Who am I to judge?

Amy Winehouse looked horrible.  In every single picture I saw of her.  Because the media took it upon themselves to destroy her image.  For years because of her addiction.

She was so talented.  And at one part in her life...

Amy Winehouse 9 years old - Photo Credit: Rex MediaShe was a child. 

Fueled with innocence.

As a child...she was doomed with addiction.  

But also as a child?  She had hard times.  Her dad had an extra marital affair on her mom for most of her childhood.

But yet her dad didn't think...or would admit rather...that her childhood is what was the beginning of her struggles.

I'm not saying that everyone who has a rough childhood turns into an addict.

But what I am those that don't get support in their life.  Are doomed for a destructive future.

Addiction is cunning.  Baffling.  Powerful.

It kills me when I hear or see someone negatively destroy someone with an addiction.

Shopping.  Um.  Yes.  I'm an addict.  Not to the point where we're losing our home or anything...but I can admit the many times I've spent money with hopes of 'feeling better' or cause 'I deserve it.'

Cigarettes.  Both my parents smoke.  

Gambling.  Once again....another FORTUNATE addiction that missed me.

Drugs.  Fortunately...that has never been an issue.  Nor have I known anyone closely fighting that addiction.

Food.  I've seen and heard and EXPERIENCED first hand being called names.  I see how loved ones get treated and the eye darting of strangers of those that are fat.  I EAT TO NUMB FEELINGS TOO.  Plus, I have suffered bulimia in college.  Didn't lose any weight from it....but sure tore up my throat at the time!!


Amy Winehouse & her mom after SWEEPING the 2008 Grammy Awards I Credit: Richard Young/Startraks Alcohol.  MANY moms I know outright and secretly even have a problem with this...You can't say a fast track to a bottle of wine after a kid colored the walls isn't using alcohol to numb feelings.  Hello?  Have you heard of the facebook page OMG I so need a glass of wine or I'm gonna sell my kids?!?!?!?

I mean really.  Just last month there was an article in Parent Dish talking about how wine is marketed to moms.

Don't believe me?  How about these:

NOW, I'm not 'stereotyping' these moms and their blogs.  Because they may be able to drink one and walk away.  I don't know any of them...(Met a few-but don't 'know' them.)

Here is my issue with it.  YES.  There are MANY moms who can handle it.  ONE glass of wine. (And that very well may be with the moms with the websites above.)

But then again there are a ZILLION other moms that were born with addiction.  Totally premeditated. 

And that is where I'm sticking up for Amy Winehouse.  (I mean look at her name for crying out loud!?!?!?! She DEFINITELY was doomed since the beginning.)

So my argument is.. It's all because of BRAIN CHEMISTRY.

I have my own opinion on it all.

And this good 'ole' blogsphere has PISSED me off about some of it.

But really...this post isn't about me. 

It's about the death of a troubled person.

Although, how far off the beaten path did I go with this one?!?!!?!?!? hahaha

**Short story long:  Don't judge someone if you don't know the cards they were dealt.

Focus on you.  And you're life.  And make it the best ever.

And when someone is SCREAMING for help...don't be afraid to lend a helping and loving hand:

Amy Winehouse 'Rehab'

I don't never wanna drink again 
I just ooooh I just need a friend 
I'm not gonna spend ten weeks 
Have everyone think I'm on the mend 

It's not just my pride 
It's just til these tears have dried 

They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said 'no no no'
Yes I've been black, but when I come back you'll know know know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
They tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go, go, go