Retro Radio - 9FM circa 2007

9FM Chicago Retro Radio

Ok. So this morning as my family is snoring, I'm sitting on the deck enjoying the gorgeous summer breeze. (Seriously, I'm NOT sweating either!!! lol)

And I'm cleaning out my iTunes.

Low and behold....I found a ton of ancient previous airchecks from the most fun time I've EVER had in my life.

Granted, I'm not complaining about my life's a DIFFERENT type of fun.

But while being on-air in Chicago-I worked with Steve Fisher.  It honestly, was the most fun I've ever had in radio.  Although...ahem...Steve made me cry every morning. (hahahah  I can laugh about it now-but you know that phrase poo rolls downhill?  Yeah.  The stress was on!  BUT- even though the job was extremely stressful....and across the console I worked with a DIVA hahaha (mornings in market #3 BETTER be stressful)...I loved every second with Steve.

He really taught me not only a lot about radio.  But a LOT about life. And I can guarantee, I TOTALLY drove that man crazy.  =)

Ok, so HERE IS ONE OF OUR SHOWS. DISCLOSURE:  This is an UNSCOPED aircheck-meaning NOTHING in this was altered.  So lucky for you-it's raw. Like an Onion. Don't cry, k? lol

Don't judge.... I was SLIGHTLY immature then.  But dangit...I had a BLAST every morning.  Every Second.  Of every day.

Was there ever a moment in your life or career that you felt that you were on top of the world?

Yeah.  I have MEGA adreneline running through my blood this morning.

SERIOUS memories. 

That my friends...was what life is all about.  Waking up every morning.  And having the time of your life.

Thanks Steve for such great memories.....  ((Now go press your power suit.))

PS-He pressured paid me to say this:  If you're an athlete, celebrity, socialite, SAHM, lawyer, Founder of Google, Head Lifeguard in the Northshore - Steve has this Island Home in Barrington area (perfect for anyone with a POWER SUIT) for you!  6 bedrooms - 8+ bathrooms for a great price - JUST $5.5 million! 

((And I OFTEN worried about him moving to the real estate business. ahem.  What was I thinking?!?!?!  He was a rockstar on the radio now he's selling million dollar homes TO rockstars.  Go Steve.))