Kellogg Fiber Plus Cereal

Being a busy mom takes a lot of me.  And I seriously sometimes just don't want to deal, to be honest with you.  Right now, I'm out of my mind.  With the radio show starting and keeping up with the 1 zillion things that I've committed too.

Sometimes I totally break down and lose it.  

And on top of that?  The last thing I want to do is dinner.  Or breakfast for that matter. 

So why not do breakfast for dinner in our house?!?!?! Brilliant.  I know. 

Anyway. In my house we eat a LOT of cereal.  And thankfully we all LOVE it!!

So, with that being said.  Let's check out this new cereal from Kellogg's!  

Filled with fiber..and man alive could I use some today!

Boston tried the Cinnamon Oat Crunch this morning and I've found my new favorite cereal.  Nothing better than the crunchy berry goodness of the Berry Yogurt Crunch Cereal.

I love yogurt.  I love berries. And I love CRUNCHY STUFF!

I use to have another favorite cereal from Kellogg's that I just can't seem to find on the east coast anymore….and this is a perfect compliment.  And with the big lack of fiber in my diet?  It's a home run.





I was sent these tasty cereals to try out with my family.  Kellogg's and Technorati-to wonderful combinations.  BUT-truth be told.  All opinions are my own.