Me. He who is 3. And the sea.

Yeah. I know. Cheesy, right?  =)

Well, I'm laying in my super confy bed at Avalon Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ. 

Yes.  It is almost 2 am.  But this is my life! ha  I can't help but stay up late.  I think it was the many years of waking up at 3am for my radio show that when I didn't have to do it anymore, BOOM-it's like when I lay my head down for the night, I feel like a night club goes off in my head. 

Joyful, I tell ya.

Well honestly?  I likely can't sleep because I'm so sad that we go home tomorrow.

I honestly have been so blessed to be able to spend 2 weekends in a row looking at the OCEAN!!!  I think spoiled is more like it. 

I love this hotel.  I stayed here about a year and a half ago for their Girlfriends Getaway Weekend that they do every March.  I had a totally wonderful time then-and a totally wonderful time now.

I have tons of great things about the Golden Inn that I want to share with you-and I will...later this week.

But right now?  I really just want to savor me.  He who is 3.  And the sea.

As I lay here in this comfy bed that haw totally swallowed up my child....(yes. He's sleeping on top right next to me. And yes.  He's doing what I absolutely love.  Touching me.  LOVE it.)

The past few days have been so wonderful for me.  I've been on the go like a crazed chicken that I have hardly had the time to hug his little neck like I usually do.  I've been on the phone, computer, running here, running name it.

So after I finally got my first show and a successful event at The Omni Hotel behind me... I knew that this weekend was going to be a special me & "B" time.

And that it was. 

As I lay here with a fried back from being on the beach all day-leaning over trying to make that little stinker a sand castle, I can't help but look at his sweetness.  Wanna see?  =) Naw... I better not jinx his cuteness.

Today we went to the beach.  And after 2 hours of slaving in the sand...I finally got a sand castle "KIND OF" up.  That little booger kept knocking it down.  I about buried him in the sand.  lol.  He actually really liked the beach this year.  And it was so fun to be completely unplugged and to make memories with him.

Ok. Time for bed.

Sweet dreams.