Morris Arboretum Treehouse with Rachel, our AWESOME sitter!

Morris Arboretum & Lazy Memorial Day Weekend

Grr. I'm so annoyed with myself this morning.

I have about 7 blog posts STARTED.  Including, how to make alien cakepops, the before & after of my garage organizational haul, and even Boston's birthday!!!!  I haven't even blogged about my poor kid yet. (Granted-my loving husband who happens to have NO IDEA how to video events....((God LOVE him)) took over 90 minutes of Boston's birthday on video.  And you'll likely throw up if I show you just his without editing.  GULP.  Have you seen Blair Witch Project before? Yeah.  That's how unstable it is.  Sigh..Thankfully he's in radio and not tv.  Or we'd be in big trouble. hahaha)

I tell ya.  It's been a nutty May.  And I honestly can't believe how fast it went!  Just yesterday it was Mother's Day!!!

So... this is our weekend.  Granted, I should be working at my computer.  But I'm hoping you're with your family enjoying the official kickoff of summer so you could care less about turning on your computers and reading my boring life! hahaha. 

We had seriously great intentions to go to Hershey, Pa, Sesame Place or even the shore.  But the thought of an excruciating amount of people in small places was a super turn off.  Not to mention, in Hershey-rooms were nearly $400 a NIGHT!!!  (That chocolate better be dipped in gold, I tell ya!!!)

So.. instead... Friday night I did a segment on Fox.  Saturday-we went to the grand opening of the Railway Garden at Morris Arboretum.  (We LOVE that place.  It's down the street from our house AND the train display mesmerizes Boston for HOURS!)  Then yesterday...(Sunday).... Boston went over to Rachel, our sitters, to play-and we went and saw The Hangover 2.  Ok movie.  Seriously CRUDE though!!  And way to many man body parts flying around.  Ew. 

What are you doing this fine weekend?