Couponing Sites

I don't know about you-but I'm so fascinated with those that can completely cash with couponing!!

Have you ever seen the show Extreme Couponing?!?!?!

Ok-so that's a little OVER THE EDGE...but I can't say I don't admire those that eat, sleep and breathe couponing.

I sure know my husband would LOVE if I saved money.  (In all honesty though-I don't tell him when I save money...that means I can spend more! hahaha)

I have some super great mom blog friends that are

HERO'S in the couponing world.  One in particular..I totally bow down to.  =)  My girl Devon from Mama Cheaps.

Devon rocks my world so be sure to check out her site for amazing deals.  Best part about her is that she's not just a boring couponer..her personality is AWESOME!!


Here is my segment with Karen Hepp tonite on Fox29.


Fox 29 - Segment Info

With the digital age upon us and access to information constantly at our fingertips, why not use some of that instant gratification to save your self some cash?

Well, we are going to let you in on a little secret: coupon websites exist just like those circulars you get on your doorstep every week - and some of them are pretty awesome.

.Watch the video than catch the full tips below.

Couponing Tips from the PRO:

Top picks for LEGITIMATE, PRINTABLE coupons are:,, and  All four of those sites offer a great variety of coupons for products in most categories (personal care, household, food, etc).  Those sites all continually restock their coupons throughout the month - and most coupons have print limits that dictate how many are up for grabs.  The best day for printing coupons from those sites tends to be on the 1st of each month when the coupons - usually including some nice high value ones - are restocked.

If you're looking for a valid promo code to use for online shopping, sometimes your best bet is simply to google search for it.  IE "sears coupon code, 2011." or for the codes.  Sites like and offer cash BACK in addition to promo codes.  Start at their sites and click through to the store where you'd like to shop. Make your purchase and earn a percent back.  Cash back accumulates in your account and every three months (Ebates at least) they send you a check with your earnings.  (I think ShopAtHome requires a minimum earning of like.......$20)

Biggest things to remember with printable coupons:

1) PHOTOCOPYING COUPONS IS ILLEGAL - FRAUD - DON'T DO IT.  Each coupon printed from those sites above has a unique bar code on it.  Each coupon can only be submitted ONCE to the manufacturer for reimbursement.  Thus, if you copy a coupon and use the copies, only the first one will be reimbursed - leaving the store in the red.  This is why we see so many stores refusing internet coupons - it ruins it for everyone.

2)  If it sounds too good to be true, it might be a fake.  Most companies are not going to publish coupons for completely free (no purchase required) items that you may print unlimited number of times.  Use common sense to deduce that this could be a fraudulent coupon.

3)  Start small.  Don't watch shows like Extreme Couponing, ahem, Coupon Hoarding, and think that those situations are either realistic or acceptable.  Aim for 40% savings on your first trip - that's still a HUGE amount of money to save.  The more you practice, the better you will get.

4)  Play by the rules.  Know your store's coupon policy and abide by it.  That way there are no surprises at the register.