First off.  What on EARTH am I still up at 3am for?!?!?!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I have no idea what is happening with my brain and sleeping.  But I can assure it's not good.  Not to mention...NOT healthy.

Speaking of not healthy... HELLO BIRTHDAY BOY!

Friday was my 2 year old's birthday party.  We had a joint party with our neighbor...cause.. well..let's face it.  The kid is 3 (hers is 2), the were both born the SAME DAY.  ((May 25th)).  And.. it's obviously cheaper than having one ourselves.  ((Let's hope so.  We haven't figured it all out yet.))

Anyway.  Back to my boy.

It was the cutest party ever.  We invited the kids on our block (cause there are about 20 of them!  And that's no joke!!!).  I also had to make sure my close friends Isa, Beth & Jenny brought their wildchilds ahem... adorable doll babies! hahaha.  Actually they are all pretty good kids. ((Not sure I can say that about EVERY kid that was there.  =)  ))

Anyway.. Boston has been talking about this little party for WEEKS.  And it has now came...and went. 

I know he's sad that it's over.  Seriously though...I'M SAD IT'S OVER!! 

There is not many more things I love to do more than to plan a good party. 

Um. Did you see the cake?!?!?!  My friend Stacey from Truly Custom Cakery made it for Boston and it honestly was the BEST cake I've ever seen!  ((Totally get her to do your cakes if you're in the Philly are!))

Also, Boston has this wonderful entertainer that comes to his daycare every single Thursday morning...and he LIVES for him!  His name is Mr. David.  I didn't realize how big and full of fun his show is. He came and did an entire hour of entertainment that kept the kids laughing.  He was very affordable...and was loved by all.

Check him out at  You can also see him HERE where he does his show on set in Reading.

 Ok. So this was my 'pseudo' short recap.

I have an awesome video with my little man on the way.

Have a happy day!