Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl

I don't know what it is about Monday. 

But I get the blues once in a while.  Maybe it's cause I'm in an empty house.  Maybe it's because I miss my family.

Maybe it's because..I'M A FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

Either way.  Today-I just couldn't get myself motivated to get anything done. 

I have videos to edit, proposals to write. 

Toilets to clean.

A garage to organize.

And yet.  I just couldn't get it together.

Until now.

After spending my entire 'out of college' life working in the radio industry, I really stepped out of the music world.  I use to be able to tell you the title of any song.  What the top 10 songs in the country are at any time.  I even had a pretty good gift of hearing an up and coming artist...and give them a heads or tails whether they'd be a star or a one hit wonder.

Hmm.  Did I ever give myself the heads or tails as a one hit wonder?!?!?! No.  But I knew, just like a star athlete...I'd have to retire one day. lol

Well anyway...I had lost track so much that I had no idea really where or how Justin Bieber rose to fame.

Till today. 

Because I said 'to heck with it' to all the things I SHOULD have been doing...and decided to watch what everyone was talking about.

And I'm in love.  What a sweet, adorable, kind, genuine & caring kid.

And his mom?  A total doll.  His grandparents?  So sweet.  When his grandpop said that when he took them to the airport to head to Atlanta...he knew that was goodbye.  And that he knew goodbye time was going to come one day...but wasn't ready for it.

And playing for a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

In front of his mom.  His grandparents.  And his world.

What a dream come true.  And I can totally see how this little man rocked this world.

Crying girls.  Crying moms.  Memories being made.

He's a Christian.  With a gorgeous story. 

And I pray that he remembers where he came from....and all its glory.

This mom is ready to rock this world.  Thanks J.B.  I'm now One Less Lonely Mom.

Never Say Never.