How fun!  I was selected last week to be Woman of the Week with 95.7 Ben Fm.

I miss that place.  Marilyn Russell is the super awesome morning show host.  And prior to becoming a mom-she use to tell me all about it!  =) 

She was doing mornings and I was on the air middays-and I'd come in all annoyed or freaked out about something and she would ease my insanities about becoming a mom!  From labor, to weight gain, to even some of the gross stuff! hahaha.

When Boston was born-I'll never forget her kindness.  She came over to our house, brought us a Cheesteak Stramboli and a tomato pie.  We had NEVER had either!  (Yes. I know. LOSERS.  But believe it or not....I USE to be a health freak! ha).

She's the best. 

If you listen to ANY radio in Philly...make Marilyn your #1 preset. 

Here's the link to my interview with her.......

Thanks Marilyn.  =)