Ok, so mine was more regal.  K?!?!?! ha

I'm not a super fashionista.  Ok-I love my yoga pants & tank tops.

But I can't help by feel all warm looking at the glorious pictures from the big wedding.  What I love is that she's a 'commoner'.  You know.  Someone like u and me!

Can you imagine???  I mean for me.. When I look at my wedding pictures I start to dream about the event.  And think about what I wouldn't do to go back to that special weekend in Key West.

It's so amazing how much my life has changed since then. 

I get reminded of how beautiful I looked and felt that day often.

I have pictures hung up in my bedroom...and on more than one occasion Boston has said 'Look Mommy!  You're a Princess!'

It makes me smile.  And realize. Yes.  I was a princess.  Or at least I felt like one that day.

My sister-in-law & IEverything about my wedding was perfect.

I actually picked the bridesmaid dresses out first...and then found the wedding dress.  I wanted something sleeveless..but this bottom of my dress was identical to the bottom of the bridesmaid dresses.

When I see the pics of the new princess (EVERYWHERE)..it's fun to see her happiness.  Her smile in infectious.  Can you even possibly imagine the thoughts running through her head?!?!?!?  To be able to bottle up that moment forever!

Check out little girl on left! HahahaOne of my favorite pics of the big event is the one with them kissing on the balcony and the adorable little girl looking like she's in misery from the sounds! ha.  Too funny.  It makes the event seem that much more human to me. 


How about your wedding day?  What was something funny that happened or was caught on camera?