Ashtamangal Singing Bowl - $98A few months back I was on a retreat and the man who founded the place did this AMAZING meditation ceremony.  Ever since then I always thought 'I've gotta find some of those!!!"

Delicate Song Singing Bowl- $48And about a month ago.  I found them.  At Ten Thousand Villages in Chestnut Hill.

SUPER fun place.  And everything there is hand made.  It's a free trade store.

Here is my attempt at playing them.  My dog is TOTALLY not a fan. hahaha

Ten Thousand Villages - $68I will warn you-I'm not very good yet.  I'll also warn you...these things are NOT cheap!  I had to buy them very sparsely.  And when I can sneak one by on my husband.  hahaha. I mean who needs a handbag when you have Tibetan Finger Cymbals - $28singing bells???

I also bought these Tibetan Finger Symbols.  SUPER cool!!!

Each piece has such an awesome story to them.

You can click on the pictures and it will take you to the pages that share where they came from and their meaning.

What do you do to meditate or take time for yourself?