Sometimes I'm sure my husband thinks to himself "What kind of monster did I create?"

And I can guarantee there are MANY times I think to myself..."What kind of DIVA did I create?"

Yes.  A Diva. 

Back when we lived in Chicago...I loved to go get pedicures on Sundays.  It was my fab thing to treat myself too.

When we were dating I convinced him that it was 'ok' for guys to get pedicures.  That men need it many times more than women!

Yeah.  Not only did he give in and go on a 'toe date' with me.. He has officially become an ADDICT!  On weekends, he tends to say to me 'do you mind if I run out for a few minutes?' And I pretty much know he's going to pamper his little piggies.

So today, I got that same 'can I run out for a second' question.  Of course I say yes...then when I'm changing a poopy diaper, doing a load of laundry, making the bed, filling up the dishwasher, sweeping up the kitchen floor...I get this message from him.

SUBJECT:  You deserve this.

CONTENT:  That glorious picture up top. 

Have you ever seen a woman getting a pedi with that much hair? hahaha

What does your man do that is a FLAIR to his feminine side?