So today I was suppose to do a zillion things.  But the day just flopped.  To the point of where I found myself curled up with my dog on the floor.

I've been wanting to see the movie Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow for some time now. 

I use to be a movie nut... years ago.  But got lost up in life to where I don't watch movies like I use to.

I heard so many different reviews...good, bad, ugly, depressing, sad.. you name it.

Probably the same reviews you heard.

So today... feelin' the funk from the blah weather....I decided to get offline...and watch the movie.

So I did. 

And here I am. 

After about 30 minutes of bawling my eyes out.

It was definitely a reminder of WHY I got out of the country music industry..uh.. about as fast as I got in it.

It's so damn depressing.

I seriously thought that Kelly Cantor (Paltrow) was going to give us a comeback - happy ending.

Uh.  Of course not.  It is country music ya know.

I loved the movie.  But there were parts of it that got under my skin. 

James Canter (Tim McGraw) was a total money grubbing prick.  And his comment of 'she use to be strong as nails' and then not give her the time of day?  Pathetic.  Canter (Paltrow) was pretty rude too. There were many parts that I could relate to her, with the lost and lonely feelings.  But I was really disappointed to see her arrogance towards Leighton Meester's character, Giles.

To see the disconnect between the two made me so sad.  There was a scene where Kelly (Paltrow) was sober and met with a little boy who was dying from cancer.  She was 'the old Kelly', I suppose in that scene.  Fun, sweet, thoughtful, kind, caring.  Her husband (James) came to her and started dancing with her.  You could see the two of them lost in their original love for each other.

And then her husband walks away.  Leaving her with tears in her eyes.

I feel like there was at one time a closeness between the two.  But the price of fame took that away.

Maybe that's why Kelly (Paltrow) left a suicide note telling her 'little friend' to choose love...over fame.

One of the issues I have with this movie that bothered me was the way they portrayed her to have such a mental illness.  They made mental illness out to end in suicide.  That's another knock from society when it comes to depression.  I want to say that she became alcoholic & manic because after all the successes - she felt there was nothing left to her. She was really missing a big, lonely, incomplete piece in her life.

She lost her baby (which was HORRIBLY portrayed in the movie.  UGH.) Her career was over...her husband only cared about the $$ she made.  And she tried everything she could to fill a void in her life. 

Listen to me....over analyzing the movie. 

Maybe because it was country.  Maybe that's why I fell trap to getting so emotional about this movie. 

Or maybe cause I'm in a funk today.  Watching a country movie.  About a falling star.

Time to come back to earth...go get my little boy...and be grateful for what I DO have.

What did you think of the movie?