Yesterday Boston, Matt & I headed out to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa.

It was for a baby & toddler expo.  I've never been to one of these before - so it was something 'new for us'.

I knew that Mr. David would be there.  Um. A man who my 3 year old LOVES!!!! He does caricatures and sings fun songs.  We actually booked him for his birthday party coming up in a couple of weeks.

Anway, I wanted to tell you about the Expo.

If you're looking to get out of the house today-be sure to check it out!

There was a kids playhouse there that I'm DYING to get. gotta have a back yard to have one!  Boo.

Boston had a great time playing in it!  I actually sat in the comfy chairs and spoke to the man who owns the company that sells them.  He was as nice as anyone I've ever met!  Totally not sales pitchy.  I learned a lot about the quality of the houses and playgyms.  They are actually made locally.  Which gives me even MORE  a reason to buy from him.  I totally can't remember his name-but he owns the company.  Eagle Sheds & Gazebos. 

There were some other fun businesses too.  Go see it for yourself!

I swear.  This awesome little house is a little girl's dream come true!  Would have LOVED something like this as a kid.  It was about $2500.  Matt even said 'if we had a yard-I'd buy this thing on the spot.  It's a no brainer!'

First thought?  'WHOA! MY OWN PRIVATE SCRAPBOOKING RETREAT!!'  haha.  Yeah. Right. When the kids grow up.  No problem though... I'd just play house with them.  =)  Can you tell I'm dreaming?!!??!?!