courtesy of Lens Friends StudiosGone are the days when I went to bed at 8p & got up at 3a. After nearly 15 years of doing that when I was hosting morning radio in Chicago-I haven't ever gone back. In the beginning-not by choice. But now?

I'm thankful that everything really does happen for a reason.

Whether I like it or not.

There have been some really amazing people that just randomly fall into my life lately. And I'm beyond thankful for that.

Say what you will about 'social media'...but I know for a fact that I would have never known my partner in crime with Moms On The Spot, Tara Bucci. Nor would I have met a new friend, Kara from Lens Friends.

I ran into Kara on Twitter one day. She sent me a DM (direct message) telling me about her site. And quite candidly-I usually hit delete with DM's cause their spam.

But this time something compelled me to click on her link.

There I found her AWESOME & BRILLIANT site.

So I responded to her and that chatted up a fun new friendship!

My Little Prince with live Chicks!Tara & I visited her photography shop on Monday. It's in Huntington Valley. Kara & her business partner Rick had LIVE baby chicks in their studios for pictures. If you live in the Philly area and want something fun with your kids-you gotta check out their studio. You go there-use their props and YOU take the pictures! It's sooo very affordable. And we had no idea how CUTE that little area of Huntington Valley was! So quaint and so fun. Too bad most the stores were closed on Monday....lucky for my husband & our bank account though. ha

Here's a peak into what Lens Friends is all about. I have to brag..I REALLY love the video. It shows the true spirit of their business.

Thanks Kara for taking a few pics of us. I actually am proud to see myself in a picture. She rocked the airbrush! hahaha



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