Wow!  How fun!  First last week, I was on talking about The Real Housewives of the Main Line casting call....and this week?  My friends were with me! ha

Karen Hepp, a mom herself from the main line reached out to me wanting to come by my house and do a story on 'how to make money with your blog' and it just so turns out - my friends Zareen, Tara & Sarah were coming over too!

We were actually working on a campaign with The Motherhood when Karen rang my doorbell.  We obviously didn't want to mention the brand in the video...but...we're SUPER psyched to be apart of this awesome project!

By the way-just today I heard the amazing story on how TheMotherhood came about.  Cooper & Emily were mom bloggers and were connecting moms to other moms that were hit by Hurricane Katrina... THUS The Motherhood was born. I've worked with many companies and brands-but they BY FAR are the nicest people ever!!!! Cool huh? 

RANDOM:  Can I just tell you how DISASTROUS my house was/is???!?!?!?! Sigh...

Anyway.  It turned out to be a lot of fun!  Zareen & Tara brought their daughters...Poor Boston was shafted.  He was in school today.

We made this most AMAZING recipe that you gotta check back next week to get.  (We are in competition with other bloggers across the country and we surely don't want to give away our secrets! ha)

Good thing we recycle in my house.

Mom Blogging Is Popular And Profitable: