Our engagement in front of the AlamoNo.. I didn't say Trailer Park Marriage!!!

Today was my 4th anniversary to my dear husband.

And I can say tonite...as he's tucked in bed with our son...it's been the best anniversary thus far.

It started with him emailing me yesterday:


be prepared after dinner to go to a coffee shop and go back and forth with 20 different things.....your list should be things that you love about me and things that you remember that have happened in our 4 years that you love.  i've got a couple great ones so far.


Made me TOTALLY smile hard.

I really don't even know where to begin with the thouth of what the last 4 years have been.  I can tell you that many couples wouldn't have made it this far... They would have failed.  Given up.

But we're still here.  Fighting this battle of life together.

In the past six months there has been a few things that has come my way that showed how honored I am to be his wife. You see...many wives get angry and upset with their husbands when they don't stick up for them...

Husband & WifeNot me though.  My husband believes in me.  No matter what stupid thing I did.  No matter what issue I caused...he still believes in me. 

I can't begin to tell you how special my husband is. 

And since he's mine...I wouldn't want to give away all his qualities so that other women desire a man like him.  =)

Here's a little trailer I put together from our wedding video.  Adding in just a touch of the beautiful creation in our world.

Let love live.


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