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I was asked to write a post about how to take a moment to yourself everyday.

And I truly can't help but realize I take a lot of moments for myself everyday!!

I have to.  But I often wonder if I take the right moments will they be more efficient?!?!?! ha

So, are you confused yet?  Yeah.  Me too.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I LOVE my life.  I love my husband, son and dog.  But I HAVE to take time.

Some of my favorite ways - I'll say 'Mommy's on Vacation' and take off into the bathroom-toss a mask on and sit in the bathtub with the jets & a book (my iPad has been rocking the reader right now though!).

I also love the fact that I'm in a house with BALL LOVERS!  I complain that I'm a 'sports widow' but in reality... I LIKE it.  =)  Cause I get to get out when 'the game is on'.

So yes.  I do take a lot of time for myself. 

I also love to sneak into my scrapbooking room close the door, turn up the tunes and scrap our lives away....literally.

I really think that no matter who you are. Man, woman, mom, dad, dog, GOTTA take time out of the day for yourself.  Even if it means going into the bathroom with a magazine and locking the door!


How do you take time in your day?  Got any great tips to share?

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