How fun is this!

I got a random call from Karen Hepp - an amazing reporter for Fox 29 in Philly.  She wanted to interview me about the Real Housewives of the Main Line Casting Call.  So... I jumped out of my sweats and TRIED ahem to do something with my face & hair.

She was at my door in a short time and came into my rediculous 'REAL' House(wife).  Total 2 year old DISASTER.

Oh well.  Guess that's real life! Anyway-she interviewed me about casting call I shared with you here.

I have to tell you-as a side note-Karen was an absolute SWEET person!  She's GORGEOUS.  Lives on the main line... and her response when I said 'you should do it!' she said 'Um. My house isn't big enough.'  Made me laugh.  She's true to who she is on TV.  She has an 18(9) month old and I asked her how she lost her baby weight and she said 'I'm married to a tri-athlete!' and of course I laughed and said 'I'm married to a couch potato!'


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