Ok - so sometimes in life...you gotta find something FUN to enjoy as a parent!  So... here's some crazy stuff to smile at!


Do you have a super bald baby?!?! lol. 

Get your baby bangs today!  They aren't very cheap though.  But sure make a fun gift.

They have a really fun story by a mom behind them.




Get sick often?  Get yourself some DESIGNER BARF BAGS!!!!!!!!

Seriously.  Yep.  $13 for a pack of 20.

Based in Canada and of COURSE created by a poor mom to be....


Bathroom Baby Harness

Oh my gosh do I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! 

How many times have your been out of your mind having to peewhen you're strapped to your baby?  Hmpf.

Created by 2 sisters with 7 kids between them...YEAH. They NEEDED to come up with this!

$40 but product does not come with a baby.








Baby Perfume

Love the smell of baby and never want it to leave?

Check out Baby Perfume!!