CUE FROM THE THERAPIST the cat's out of the bag.  YES. I see a therapist..uh. .. Twice a week.

So what??!?!? hahaha.  Actually I love it.  I leave there so enlightened.  I'd say she's more of a life coach than a therapist.

She's a specialist in eating disorders. (UH. Have you read my blog?  Yeah. I have some issues with food.  And how I CAN'T STOP EATING IT!!!  I say that jokingly-but I started out as a kid with a bad relationship with it...and well, I'm an adult and here ya have a Food WhackJob.)


Anyway, she sent me this email with a great list for healthy eating!

I have a new book I have to pick up.  Meanwhile, the author's name is Barbara Holtzman.

She sends out email blasts and in this one it says:


If you're living on caffeine, sugar or adrenaline to get through the day, consider a different approach.
10 Tips to Sustaining Your Energy Throughout the Day
1. Fuel yourself with nutrients throughout the day to maintain sustained mood, energy and concentration.
2. Plan ahead. Have tasty amd nutritious foods available so you will be less vulnerable to sugar and caffeine (which set you up for an energy yo-yo).  Organize your clothes and food for the next day to minimize the moring rush.  Get to places early;   you'll get to have a few minutes for yourself and you'll avoid stress.
3 Focus on one task at a time.  Multi-tasking can actually be inefficient as your mind can only focus on one thing at a time.  If you need to multi-task, do it consciously and be sure to take breaks to breathe and allow your mind and body to relax.
4. Bring joy into your life.  Do something that nourishes you every day - experience nature, prayer or gratitude, reading, a bath or simply enjoying your friends or family.  Drink it in.
5. Practice conscious eating. If you eat at your desk or in the car, it is difficult to get the break your mind and body need and the satisfaction the food fulfills.  Slow down your eating - you will enjoy it more, be satisfied with less and you will feel more energized if you don't overeat.  (Conscious eating is also the simplest way to lose weight if you are overweight.)
6. Give yourself a break!  Taking periodic breaks throughout the day will allow stress to dissipate rather than acculumate.  Breathe.  Stretch.  Relax.
7. Take care of your body.  Nourish yourself with water, rest, exercise and oxygen for sustained energy, concentration and a sense of well-being.
8. First things first.  Tackle your most pressing and important priorities first.  You will feel a sense of accomplishment, get rid of nagging worry and avoid the crises that result from procrastination.
9. Notice your negative thoughts but don't believe them!  Negative thoughts stem from habit and our current mood and state of mind.  They create stress and drain your energy.  And usually, they are inaccurate.  (Ask yourself "Are you sure?")
10. Don't beat yourself up.  When you make a mistake, try to learn from the experience and then let it go. We change through understanding and compassion, not by berating ourselves.



Ok-so do you have a crazed relationship with grub?  I'd love to hear it... respond anonamously if you need!