I'm really excited to be joining TheMotherhood for a fun web chat on February 9th at 1p ET.  What's great about these chats is that you can do them in your SWEATPANTS or body suits (ha) if you want!  They are only online.

What's great about this 'MotherHood Talk' is that we're talking to a DR who is also the creator of a fantastic food brand. You know.. one of America's STAPLES... TASTY PIZZA!! Ristorante Pizza..((And don't forget to roll your R's))

Funny thing is.. Dr. Oetker is the market leader of frozen pizza in Europe and sells Ristorante in more than 30 countries – and Italy’s #1 frozen pizza is now available in your area, giving you Italian restaurant style pizza taste without paying restaurant style prices!

Plus, with Valentine's Day around the corner we'll be chatting about family Valentine's Day Fun!

So SAVE THE DATE - February 9th TOMORROW at 1p.

Join us in the chat HERE...

Talk to ya soon!