Today is like Thursday?!?!?!  Where on earth did this week go?

So I wanted to share something with you.  Something that is close to my heart.

Yesterday was 'Wordless Wednesday' and I totally missed it.  So today..... I'm sharing my picture..and my heart.


My God Box.

It's a box...where I put all the really important things in my life inside.

Now mind parents, husband & son don't all fit in that box...

But their likeness does.

And everyday...I'm giving it to God.

Cause sometimes....many times for me.....

There just are things in life totally out of your control.

And you just gotta give it to God.

((Hopefully he doesn't give it back.  =) lolol))

Do you have a special place?  Would love to hear.....

xoxox Joey