My little BuG. My Baby Valentine.Um. Anyone seen my days?!?!?!? Seriously.  They have zoomed by faster than light the past few weeks!  I'm vibrantly thrilled that it's February..but I'm also a bit stressed.

Today is no exception.

Boston hasn't been feeling very well the past few days and today I're suppose to fly out on Wednesday-I better take him to the doctor just in case his ears are all messed up. 

Bad MOM strike ONE.

That joyous mommy guilt took over.  What a jerk I am!!!  We get there-and not only does he have an ear infection..but he has the FLU!! 

So totally bummed. 

The doc gave us a prescription and I jetted to the pharmacy.  It's the ONLY drive up window around as this poor kid was still in his PJs and whining for me to hold him.  So of course I didn't want to drag him in there.

I felt so bad.  They kept screwing up our order and we waited...FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.  I mean, I didn't want to get him home-then have to drag him back out!  So I was destined to get that prescription.

He couldn't nap...and him being sick is the most pitiful thing ever.  I actually gave him his Valentine's last night. This totally soft bear the size of him, a little candy & an adorable little book. 

Needless to say-today this kid got a couple extra big presents (from my garage of goodies) and more hugs, kisses & holding than anyone EVER! Even on Valentine's Day.

I feel bad.  Last year-we both got the flu shot and we BOTH got sick. This year-I decided not to get the shots..and he gets the flu!!!!!!!!  Sometimes I feel like I can't win.

But I do remember...when I was sick as a kid.  Even though I felt like poo..there was nothing better than having my mom love all over me. 

Yeah, dad's are great......but nothing like a special mom.

So that's exactly what I did.

Then my special Valentine came home...and I made him Lobster.  I've never made it before-but it turned out AWESOME!!  We ate on these adorable heart shaped plates that I got when we first started like 2004?!?!  Yeah.  7 years ago.

That's kind of fun to think about.

I love my Valentine.  I'm so glad that our lives are so much better.

I have some serious shortfalls...but that man still finds me attractive.  Inside and out.

Thank you God. For the best two Valentine's a girl could ask for.