There are so many times in my life that I can't help but wonder if either I'm losing my hearing or losing my mind!!  I hear my husband say one thing-when in reality he said another.  Ever have that problem?!?!?  Oh my gosh... and sadly, my son is now talking-and I'm hearing randomness!!!

For example, the other day I took Boston to a local toy store.  I wanted to get him out of the house and he'd been such a good boy I really thought he deserved it!  We went to the toy store and loudly he proclaimed 'I stuck my hand in my poops, Mommy!!'  There were about 4 people close by that heard him. 


I said 'what Boston???' and of course he repeated himself. 

I looked at him and I saw he had his hands in his boots. 

I said 'what are you doing?' and he said 'my hand is stuck in my poops'. 

Yeah.  He was saying boots.  Although for some reason-we ALL heard poops.

Joy Joy.

That's just once..and not even the worse that I've heard seen another. 

Do you have any stories?

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*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but it still was fun to think about!